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From the Desk of Kena Fuller:

The 50/50 Program

As a businesswoman, I understand the many challenges of business ownership; resources are often limited and access can be scarce - I wanted to do something about that.

At Fuller Management we believe business development is an imperative facet of successful operation, which aids in the success of business goals and strategy. Further, as an entrepreneur, I understand that small businesses depend on these development aspects for sustainability and strength of business offerings. Community is everything to us; by this belief, Fuller Management has launched The 50/50 Program.

The History of H.R.5050:

In 1988 U.S. legislature passed the Women's Business Ownership Act. The objective of the measure was to establish a means toward access and resources for woman-owned businesses. Prior to this passing, women were noticeably less successful in receiving business financing and other pertinent resources necessary for growth and development, making success a notion and growth a challenge.


In 2016 Fuller Management created The 50/50 Program, extending a helping hand to our small business community and women-owned businesses.


As such, we have pledged to lend resource access and support to 4 businesses annually, which are at least 50% woman-owned, resulting in delivery of whole business development services at half the rate.

I feel that I am fortunate to have many successful years of entrepreneurship under my belt, and this company will continue to do all it can to support other women entrepreneurs with the growth and development of their small businesses.

• To those we have been fortunate to support, we thank you for allowing Fuller Management to be a part of your team and to share in your vision.

• To those we will support in the future, thank you - we are happy to be an integral part in the growth and development of your dream of business ownership.

Cheers to the future success of your small business!

With faith and gratitude,

Kena Fuller

Kena Fuller

CEO, Executive Director | Fuller Management Corporation