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  • ProRep - Professional Representation

  • ProPlan - Strategic Planning

  • ProTrain - Needs-based Training

  • ProWrite - Business Writing

  • ProCoach - Performance Coaching


To provide outstanding consultative service by assisting our amazing clients with exceptional guidance in all areas of performance, exercising sustainability and responsible growth.

phone: 562-628-5575 email: info@FullerPros.com

Frequently Asked Questions

"Eye contact and handshakes
Our Pros take client products and services to market via targeted grassroots concentrations.
From our approach, we maintain high conversions and consistent performance, maximizing consumer engagement."

- Kena Fuller, Executive Director
What does Fuller Management offer?
  • Fuller Management provides every client with an assigned team of Pro's.
  • Offering an array of needs-based services, known as Pro Services, we perform on a per diem and/or annual basis.  

What is the benefit of Pro Services?
  • Access to the industry's best and brightest.
  • Where many small organizations lack the infrastructure needed for effective business development, our Pros fill the gaps by representing clients in our five specialized areas. 

What about cost, is it more than an employee hire?
  • With Pro Services our clients never skip a beat and always save on budget.
  • Because we focus solely in the areas of need, our clients always reduce all costs typically associated with a regular full-time employee hire.

Is the Fuller approach effective?
  • We've been told, "it's as if the (client) company is in more than one place at a time, delivering results daily, without the additional costs. It really is amazing what this small business does for its clients".  (* And, we happily agree with this client perspective)
  • By assigning a team of Pros to targeted areas of need, clients instantly multiply productivity output, decrease cost, and benefit through increased performance outcomes.

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